The Cheat Solution for PCSX2

Project Unification

Project Unification Change Log:

4/27/2020 Version 1.2 BETA

*Revamped the "Add New Codes" screen to be substantially more user friendly.
*Added a warning to make it clear that the batch import of PNACH codes feature is still an experimental feature in development.
*Fixed a bug that could cause selected codes in the main Project Unification screen to be reset if the "Add New Codes" screen was opened and closed without changes being made.

8/07/2018 Version 1.1.1 BETA

*Fixed a bug on the PNACH import form that could result in the "New Game Name" textbox populating with a game name when the "Open PNACH File" dialog was opened and cancelled while PNACH file text was populated.
*PNACH files will no longer be locked from external editing after they are imported as PNACH file text on the PNACH import form.

12/26/2017 Version 1.1 BETA

*Added the ability to search for codes.
*Added the ability to jump between code categories.
*Added a system tray icon for Project Unification.
*Added the ability to batch import PNACH files into the Project Unification database.
*Added the ability to easily export entire sets of game codes from the database as a PNACH file.
*Added the option to single-click to select codes in the configuration menu.
*Added the ability to name cheat profiles.
*Improved the PNACH importation algorithm to be more forgiving among variations in PNACH files.
*Saving and loading save profiles now call a system tray notification confirmation.
*Revised some balloon tip text.
*Cheat profiles are now stored in the Project Unification CheatProfiles directory as .pju files instead of .txt files.
*Fixed a bug that would result in text disappearing from the "New Game CRC" textbox if the "Open PNACH File" dialog was opened and closed without selecting a PNACH file for importation.
*Tweaked code to improve overall performance.
*Implemented a fix to improve overall program stability.
*Improved exception handling logic.

*Minor GUI tweaks.

7/17/2017 Version 1.0 BETA

*Project Unification now supports the importation of (properly formatted) PNACH files directly into the Project Unification code database!  (This feature is available under "Database -> Import PNACH File to Database")  This should make using existing PNACH code files substantially easier and faster.
*The separate PNACH Converter companion program (that was released as a separate tool previously) is now built into Project Unification and has undergone a massive overhaul.  
*New features of the PNACH Converter integration include a more attractive GUI, better logic for handling slight variations of common PNACH file formats, pro mode options, and bug fixes.
*The "Delete Selected Cheat Codes" button has now been moved to the menu strip under "Database" and a new "Check All Codes" button is now in its former place.
*You can now use CTRL+A to select all the text in the "Data to be written to PCSX2 Cheats Directory PNACH File" textbox.
*Updating a game's CRC in the database will now also update the value shown in the CRC override textbox immediately after the update.
*It is now necessary for a game's CRC value to be in the database in order to use the cheat profile feature.
*A few minor behind the scenes code optimizations and exception handling updates.
*Minor GUI tweaks.

5/01/2017 Version 0.9 BETA

*Project Unification now has a new version numbering scheme.
*Added the ability/feature to save and load cheat profiles.
*Project Unification now functions without the need to use the installer.  Therefore, a no-installer distribution of Project Unification will now be available.  (The installer is still recommended so that you get shortcuts, etc. created.)
*Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in the "delete checked code" function attempting to execute even if no codes were checked.
*Added exception handling code if the user does not have the Microsoft Access Database Engine installed, if there is a 32-bit/64-bit mismatch, or if the cheat database is corrupt.
*Added a system beep when clicking the button to delete codes.
*Minor UI tweaks.

1/26/2017 Version BETA

*Added a new "pro mode".  This allows for the manual editing of PNACH files from within Project Unification!
*Removed the horizontal scrollbar if a cheat description went beyond the limits of the listbox.
*Project Unification now will be released in both a 32-bit and 64-bit version.  (To be compatible on systems in which the user has a 32-bit or 64-bit version of MS Office or Access Database Engine installed)

1/20/2017 Version BETA

*First BETA release of Project Unification!
*Code comments from the database now appear when checking a checkbox to enable a code! (*Only if the code has a comment provided for it in the database.)
*Added the ability to enable/disable the above mentioned code comments feature in the configuration menu.
*Eliminated some of the need to close and open Project Unification in certain events for changes to take effect.
*Added some logic to handle different code deletion scenarios.
*Added a confirmation to unselect all codes.

1/08/2017 - Version ALPHA

*Added the ability/feature to edit codes.
*Added the ability/feature to rename games.
*Eliminated some of the need to close and open Project Unification in certain events for changes to take effect.
*Added text to enhance the user experience in the "Add A Cheat" form.
*Loaded the code list for the first game in the database automatically when opening Project Unification.
*Fixed multiple confirmation dialogs appearing when deleting multiple codes.
*Fixed a graphics rendering issue.
*Minor UI tweaks.

1/3/2017 - Version ALPHA

*Initial Project Unification ALPHA release.